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KNITerature - the art of movana chen

ArtisTree, Island East, Hong Kong
20 Sept - 19 Oct 2013

Sponsored by Swire Properties, a solo exhibition "KNITerature" by Hong Kong based artist Movana Chen. Movana started her knitting project in 2004; her early works sculpted a multi-disciplinary fusion of media, fashion, performance, installation and sculpture that extends till recent years. Highlight exhibis include Movana's new work "Body Container Comes to Life in Hong Kong" and a 15-meter long "Knitting Conversations" which is a two-year collaborative work with over 150 participants.

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“Body Container Comes to Life in Hong Kong” is James Vyner’s third film on Movana Chen after “Traveling into Your Bookshelf” (2009) and “Body Container Performances in Seoul & London” (2010). The film spans five days in June 2013, beginning with the creation of the Body Container itself, and culminating in several performances in both familiar and unfamiliar landscapes of Hong Kong.

“Movana’s world is very silent and isolated,” Vyner says. “The only sounds are those of the ‘whirring’ paper shredder, the ‘slicing’ blades of the paper cutter and the intermittent clicks of knitting needles. I wanted to reflect this solitude in the film while isolating and amplifying the few sounds common to her world.”

The solitude remains even when Movana performs. As she describes in the film, it is an “individual world where no one comes close”. Vyner captures this silent, individual experience by slowing down the outside world to match Movana’s stillness.

Sometimes people do approach her, ask a questions or two, or simply analyze the situation with a wondrous confusion.

“We found the Filipino and older Chinese communities more interactive than the typical employee, who just wants to get to work or go home. We expected this, but it was still important and interesting to film both interaction and inaction. There is a sense of disbelief watching people pass this imposing knitted sculpture without a glimmer of acknowledgement,” Vyner says.

Hypnotic, surreal and compelling, the film captures the essence of Movana’s knitted world and the world of the people perambulating around her.

body container comes to life in hong kong / 2013
performed by movana chen / filmed by james vyner
Full version 18:00mins Video: