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Art Diary

"War & Peace" Korea




Body Containers come to life in Seoul
Performance by Movana Chen (Hong Kong) and Euan Park (Seoul)

Date & Time: Saturday 4 September 2010, 2-4pm
Location: Hongdae area, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Filming by James Vyner from Ichikoo (London)

Click here to view the video

A collaborative performance by Hong Kong artist Movana Chen and Seoul guest performer Euan Park. Both will wear the set of body sculptures entitled Body Containers – Korea and walk around the streets at the heart of cultural, artistic area of Hongdae in Seoul. The sculptures were knitted together from shredded pages of Korean history and contemporary art books, aiming to create a dialogue between the past and present.

As Movana learned about the history of Korea and the borderline that was created almost sixty years ago, a new insight came to her: The past is a reference, which means we should focus on the present moment where we find peace; the future will then remain in harmony and bring hope to us. During the live performance in Seoul city, the two body sculptures will walk together, symbolizing Movana’s hope as well as a metaphor for the future South and North Korea coming together. Linking between the heads of the two bodies also emphasizes the connected thoughts whereas peace is embraced.

Movana has used approximately 1,500 pages and 300 hours to create the Body Containers – Korea artwork. She has been making “magazine clothes” with old magazines’ pages since 2004, integrating contemporary practices of performance, sculpture, fashion and conceptual art. Her performance aims at expressing the concept of how the human form embodies ideas about our society: exploring a new city and interacting with its local people/new insights can bring enjoyment to life nowadays.

The video featuring the body containers performance in Seoul will be exhibited with a sculpture installation at 2010 International Fashion Art Biennale “War & Peace” in Seoul from November 6 - 13, 2010 at Seoul Arts Centre, organized by The Korea Fashion & Culture Association. Movana will also share her performance experiences between two cities at the exhibition entitled Body Containers come to life to be held at K11 Art Mall, Hong Kong in January 2011. K11 has been committed to discovering and nurturing Hong Kong young artists and wishes to support Hong Kong art development through sponsoring this thought-provoking new work by Movana Chen in Korea and Hong Kong.

Sponsored by K11 


평화는 어디에서 싹트는가? 함께 걷는 데서, 함께 생각하는 데서...
From where does peace bloom? From walking together, thinking together...

performed by Movana Chen and Euan Park
photo by James Vyner


War and Peace
2010 International Fashion Art Biennale
Seoul Arts Center
6 - 13 Nov 2010

We live in a world plagued with never-ending conflict. It goes without saying that the history of human race is in many ways a history of wars. Having suffered from the tragedies of war that drove Koreans against fellow Koreans, Korea remains the only nation physically divided by war. Sixty years have passed since the destructive outbreak and as members of the Korea Fashion & Culture Association, we wish to pay our respect to the memories of war which is unfortunately fading into historical oblivion. For this occasion, we are inviting artists around the globe to the 2010 International Fashion Art Biennale, to commemorate the pains of warfare and share the lessons of war.

Through the theme, “War and Peace” our attempt is to channel the scarring experience of war to reconciliation and peace. With this underlying objective, 2010 International Fashion Art Biennale aims to provide a platform for peace and healing.

It is the collective wish of all Korean fashion artists to promote harmony, a sense of community and peace. We believe that works of fashion art expressing dreams of the future and the hopes of mankind, as means of global communication, can promote rich and diverse cultural exchange.

The Korea Fashion & Culture Association