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greedy and the table

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"GREEDY" conceptual art exhibition

C & G Artpartment
November 29, 2008 - January 23, 2009


Participating Artists: Movana CHEN, Jaspar LAU, Michael LEE Hong Hwee, Jeff LEUNG, Clara CHEUNG, GUM CHENG Yee Man

Curated by : C & G (
Address: 3/F, 222 Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Price Edward, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Opening: 6:30pm (Fri) November 28, 2008

Press Release:

"Responding to the current financial tsunami, Time magazine has published several articles addressing how “greed” plays a significant role in this crisis. On the other hand, the melanaine issue in China has affected many infants and adults. At the beginning, the milk farmers were thought to bare the main responsibility. Later on, it is discovered actually the whole manufacturing and examination process consist of many problems. After all, many consider “greed” to be the major cause of all these.

If capitalism is a factory producing “greed,” then what does “greed” have anything to do with the pro-communism country, China? Perhaps greed is really in the gene of human beings, existing in any society. However, claiming greed is the only cause for the financial tsunami and melamine crisis probably simplifies the problem too much. Some argue it is the real problem-makers in behind who want to blame “greed” as the cause for the globalized crisis, and, therefore, try to run away from being caught. Of course, if so, it is just another greedy way in using the term “greed” for self-protection and self-satisfaction. Working out the answer to “why greedy” should be more essential then. There are many subjective and objective elements (like personal vision, self-esteem, system flaws, moral values and cultures in society) involved in affecting how “greedy” a being can turn to be, and how much destruction this “greedy being” can create.

In Hong Kong, many artists work many different jobs. Broadly speaking, these artists are very “greedy.” Considering only the art-related jobs, many artists do not only make their own artworks, but also work on exhibit promotion, different designing jobs, web sites, documentations, logistics services etc. Some even curate art exhibits, write proposals and reports, be PR agents and art critics, doing jobs in a different profession. Unfortunately, being so “greedy” for several decades already, local artists don’t seem to gain much fame or money out of it. Then, why being greedy?

The current exhibition invites six different artists who work many different jobs. They all are active in the art scene: teaching art, making artworks, curating shows, writing about art, writing proposals, doing PR jobs and being quite “greedy” in fact. This exhibit is going to show how these “greedy” artists respond to the “greed” phenomenon over the individual, social or globalized level. This show opens on Nov 28, 2008 at C&G Artpartment. The exhibit is free for entry. Welcome to join us!