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artist statement







Since 2004, I have been making "magazine clothes" which are made of old magazines. My idea is to play with deconstructing and reconstructing the shredded magazine papers, so that a certain meaning and content is given to these "magazine clothes".

I focus on exploring "wearable art" by creating "body containers" sculptures, which are to examine the relationship between clothes and the media, and also to reflect on our consumption of disposable commodities. Through the knitting of these multi-languages hidden with the magazine papers, we learn about communication. It creates an alternative way of reading and exploring art as a dialogue between visual language and the viewers. I beliver it is also a new approach to appreciate different cultures. My attempt is to explore the various methods to "wear" one's identity, to experiment and play with it, to create new opportunities for different cultures and identities and to begin the communication between one another.

The reconstructed paper pieces represent wishes, and are transformed into meanings about daily life. Even though the viewers might not understand thouse words printed on the shredded papers, the action they take in viewing implies communication, which then breaks the limitation of verbal language exchange. Art thus transforms into a connection with life in an understandable way. It also becomes a focus as well as a sharing of life through various methods by different people. This is one of my continuing projects that aim at allowing audience to look at things from an alternative angle, to discover, to chanllenge and to develop an individual point of view.

Recent touring project, “Travelling into your Bookshelf” is my on-going project to create dialogues around memories of books that have been donated to me by people from all over the world. It has no limits in terms of time, space, place or format. Through meeting friends and strangers and reading their books, I attempt to establish relationships with them and learn about their culture by exploring their memories and manintaning a two-way communication. Through my knitting process with the participants, I hope to create a new way of reading and enabling the viewers to re-examine the existing communication barriers between people. It is full of adventures, inspiration, suprises, energy; everyone and every culture is connected. Travelling Bookshelf is a knitted world where to taste an impossible dream-world, a never-ending story, a piece that crossed times, places, people, cultures, histories and loves.