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knitting conversation 2011 - ongoing








project concept



knitting conversations
2011- ongoing

Knitting Conversations is a two-year collaboration with over 150 participants. This project connects all participants and allows them to communicate across nations and cultures. I have invited families, friends, strangers and students around the world to involve in this project by knitting one or more books with special meanings or memories from their bookshelves. A large installation work will be assembled for exhibition after collecting all participating pieces. I and the participants have developed a communication web and a tactile acquaintance with the raw materials through teaching and knitting. Through this collaborative work, my art is deeply interwoven with everyday processes of participants.

About 150 friends, students & strangers (age from 5-90 years old)

Size of each square knitted paper piece: Approx. 50cm x 50cm / 100cm x 100cm each

Artwork size:
Approx. W180cm x L1500cm